Friday, November 7, 2008

Sketches of Frank Gehry v.s. Hoop Dreams

My computer is a lot like me. It overheats easily and becomes loud and annoying. I cannot, literally, hear a DVD on this thing because the fan wails continuously. So I've had the Coen brother's Barton Fink for over a month now and I'm giving up, sending it back. But now, a new dilemma: Sketches of Frank Gehry or Hoop Dreams?

"Sketches" follows Frank Gehry's process from sketching his concept, to physically modeling, to computer modeling, to actual building. That's the whole deal purddy muucchh.

Hoop Dreams follows two high school students from a Chicago ghetto who have consciously chosen to focus on basketball to better themselves. "Strife and setbacks befall them at every turn. Will they succeed?" Cliff hanger!

Whaddya think? Hoop Dreams is epic, over three hours. I like that. But "Sketches" could have greater relevance. It probably does actually. No it definitely does. And yet, inspiration isn't a science, Hoop Dreams could do wonders...

Note: You may be thinking, "So he's exchanging one DVD that he cannot hear for another DVD that he will not be able to hear." And you're right. I am doing that.

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