Thursday, November 20, 2008

Contest #1: Best name for this "fine fellow"

This Bull Terrier (recreated with the Bamboo tablet above) is on a card my mom gave me from a devoured care package. She writes:

Dave, I hope you enjoy these snacks, I made some of them (you can probably tell)! But I'm sure the fine fellow on this card would enjoy them too! Love, Mom

No doubt! Now the winner of this contest (decided by fate) wins something neat and perfect for them. And since we don't know the winner yet, the prize is TBD! So no shame, shout um out, I know you get plenty names.


pillpusher said...

3)reginald (reggie)

Carolyn said...

1) Willie
2) The General
3) Manny

Anonymous said...

1) Rudy
2) Spence (as in short for Spencer)
3) Jud

dru said...

Nice sketch. You trace that? Looks traced. How bout Trace?

Dave W said...

You're losing Dru. Personally, I like Landsdown, Manny, and Spencer/Spence. I'll shoot to end the contest in a week or so.

dru said...

No get mad cuz I called you out on the trace job. How bout Synestly? Das my word verification!!