Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dark House

The other day, I learned that architects put great thought into the spirit, or essence of their buildings. They wrestle with ways to capture a quality in that time and place. At this point in my education I usually need that quality slowly explained several times to understand. And even then, I'm glazing over wondering, "What's all this?"

Whether the general public knows about the philosophy behind a beautiful building or not, it's still beautiful. In that long, PBS documentary about Frank Lloyd Wright this quality/essence/spirit aspect didn't appear. The man simply "gave his clients beautiful spaces to be in." More research needed on what the guy thought about.

I'm in a silly position of having a time, but no place. My place is on a yellow legal pad where I sketch. Imagination will have to do for now.

Anyway, after weeks of having done nothing on SketchUp, I finally did. It's weird how it works. I can sit with SketchUp open and want to model something and very often produce absolutely nothing over an hour or two. But when I feel inspired, the entire structure is banged out in twenty or thirty minutes. So this is a Dark House:

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